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Revelation - Summary

These are my presentations on the meaning of the apparently mysterious Book of the Revelation, from the Bible, given over the 3 years from 2005 to 2008.

I make no claim to infallibility, but hope to shed some light as far as I have been able to discern it. My aim through all has been to impose no external theories upon the book, but to let it speak for itself. I have done this largely by using the other parts of the Bible to shed light on it, with others' commentaries left till last, and (I hope) used judiciously and sparingly.

As these were all face-to-face presentations these notes are not as full as I would like, as they don't include all the clarifications and expansions I would have made on the day. Hopefully I will be able to expand (a little!) and refine them over time. Also, as my presentation style developed over the 2-3 years it took, I hope to make them more consistent too.

May God, the true author, give light, truth and comfort to any that take the time to read these offerings of mine.

Tardus, December 2011

Overview - The Real Revelation Code

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation00-overView:

What has this seemingly mysterious book to say to us in the 21st Century? It has puzzled many people, and there have been a vast number of interpretations of it, often with a lot of heated argument. Can anyone understand it?

  • God alone, and keeps it veiled? MORE...

Revelation Chapter 1 - The Lamb is all the Glory

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation01-theLambIsAllTheGlory:

Easy to think it is a hard, mysterious book. "Revelation" - NOT SO! Its purpose is to reveal and not to hide! In Elizabeth Gaskell's book "North & South" Bessy Higgins, a poor mill girl in a 19th century English cotton town, is dying of lung disease brought on by the cotton dust in the mills; the movie doesn't show that she was a Christian, and her great comfort was this book of Revelation, which she knew almost by heart! To her it was a book of hope, not terror. MORE...

Revelation Chapters 2 & 3 - Tough Love Letters

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation02-3-toughLoveLetters:

Love letters are precious - just ask any woman! Our Guide is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself - Ch.1 & 22 show MORE...

Revelation Ch 4 - The Control Room of Heaven - God as Ruler/Creator

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation04-ControlRoomUniverse-RulerCreator:

You are lost - a bushfire is roaring towards you, with clouds of burning eucalypt oil vapour swirling into a firestorm - there is a clearing, and in it a blue phonebox with a flashing blue light - a strange man in an odd hat & long scarf beckons to you - "Come in!" - inside the box is a jaw-dropping sight - a mix of nuclear submarine, oriental palace and op-shop - and now it whisks you away to a different galaxy & time. Well, John's experience is far, far above a joy-ride in the Tardis with you-know-Who. MORE...

Revelation Chapter 5 - The Control Room of Heaven - God as Ruler/Redeemer

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation05-ControlRoomUniverse-RulerRedeemer:

Chapter 4, Ruler/Creator - the spotlight falls on the Throne, and He Who sits on it, on the 4 living creatures (cherubim, guardian angels) and on the 24 elders (God's people, the church universal). what are they, what do they mean, what do they teach us? MORE...

Revelation Chapter 6 - A Short History of the World- The Book is Opened

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation06-BriefHistoryWorld:

"Here is the 10 o'clock news update. Reports continue to come in from many parts of the world of invasions, coups, wars, fighting and MORE...

Revelation Chapter 7 - A Short History of the World - The Gathering Storm

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation07-GatheringStorm:

Those of you who know Tolkien's great saga, "The Lord of the Rings" will instantly recognise this, but if not let me paint you a scene - The Captains of the west, lead by Aragorn, the uncrowned king, are at the terrible Black Gate into Mordor, and utterly outnumbered by the armies of Sauron, the Dark Lord. There seems no hope. "Who shall stand?" Suddenly Mt Doom explodes into fire and fury! Sauron's mighty Ring of Power has been destroyed at last, and Sauron withers as it melts inside Mt Doom. His cruel citadel of Baradur, the Dark Tower, collapses, battlement by battlement, into utter ruin, and all Mordor is convulsed by titanic earthquakes and landslides. Sam and Frodo are in the middle of it all, close to death on the flanks of Mt Doom. There seems no hope. "Who shall stand?"


Revelation Chapters 8 to 11, "The Trumpet of The Lord" (the 2nd Short History of the World)

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation08-11-TrumpetOfTheLord:

  • Perhaps the most mysterious book of the entire Bible, yet for a purpose, ch.1 v1 "The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place."

Revelation Chapter 12 - "The Woman, the Dragon and the Man-Child"

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation12-WomanDragonManchild:

  • Everyone knows that St George conquered the fierce, damsel-eating dragon and rescued the beautiful Princess Sabra. It makes a great story, and a good illustration of how Jesus, King of Kings, overthrows the great Dragon and rescues His Bride, the Church. However, the story isn't quite accurate, for this chapter of the book of The Revelation tells us it is Michael, not George, who battles the dragon, and Michael's Lord who rescues His Princess.
  • we saw how this is a book of real cosmic world history in symbols MORE...

Revelation 13 - Satan's Henchmen

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation13-SatansHenchmen:

Episode 2 of the 3rd Brief History of the World (from Jesus' 1st to 2nd Coming)

  • in chapter 12 we saw the woman (Old Testament church on her way to becoming the New Testament church) the Dragon (Satan) and the Man-Child (Jesus the Messiah/Saviour). It ends with Satan cast out of heaven and out-maneuvered on earth. MORE...

Revelation Chapter 14, "The Lamb with His Fair Army"

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation14-theLambWithHisFairArmy:

The middle section of Revelation is what I call "The Short History of the World - 0 B.C. to the END". This covers chapters 6 to 20. The nature of the book is history in images and symbols, so the best way to understand it is to ask "what do these symbols mean?". My own study of the book convinces me that we have a series of image sets that make up a single "collage". Each set, more or less, covers this same period, starting with Jesus appearing and ending with His return. The 3rd image set is in chapters 12 to 14. It begins unmistakably with the birth of Jesus and introduces the arch-enemy Satan (the old dragon) and his henchmen who persecute Jesus' people. MORE...

Revelation Chapters 15 & 16 - The Last Battle

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation15-16-theLastBattle:

In the last great war my father served with Montgomery's 8th Army in North Africa. He was in the Royal Army Service Corps, which meant he and his men delivered battle tanks to the front line against Rommel's Afrika Corps Panzers. They also went in to the battle zone at night to retrieve damaged tanks. So much of any army's success depends on keeping its supply lines open, and that where Dad served. Now, when an army's supply line gets too long, they can get into real trouble, as Napoleon and Hitler discovered in their Russian offensives. MORE...

Death in the City - Revelation 17 & 18

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation17-18-DeathInTheCity:

We know what this is! We have come a long way since 1930. What is holding it up, while they build the 2 halves out over the harbour? MORE...

Revelation Chapter 19 - The King, the Queen, the Wedding and the Gatecrashers

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation19-KingQueenWeddingGatecrashers:

Revelation 19 - The King, the Queen, the Wedding and the Gatecrashers Ch 6 - 20 "a brief history of the world" in several cycles. They do not exactly overlap, but tell the same tale, like a collage, a mural. MORE...

Revelation Chapter 20 - The LAST Last Battle.

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation20-theLastLastBattle:

I have not yet converted my notes on this chapter to a web-page, but you can click the link below for my presentation slides in HTML (ie, web) format.


Revelation Chapters 21 & 22 - Paradise Restored, A City for All Nations

CLICK HERE for the full article revelation21-22-ParadiseRestored-aCityForAllNations:

When I started out on this series on The Revelation and was mapping out the territory, I named this last part "The Garden". Now that I have got closer I see that a better name is "The City". This symbol (for that is what it is) is used 14 times in these last two chapters - it is the dominant symbol there.

  • We have met our Guide, Jesus Christ Himself (ch.1) MORE...

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