Revelation Chapter 12 - "The Woman, the Dragon and the Man-Child"

Updated: 5 Jan 2008

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Revelation Chapter 12 - "The Woman, the Dragon and the Man-Child"


Background so far

Now we come to the 3rd account of the history of the world, in ch. 12-14 (just ch. 12 today)

So, on to "The Woman, the Dragon and the Man-Child"

"This twelfth chapter of Revelation presents a picture of a woman in great pain and deep distress. She is clothed with the sun and has the moon under her feet. On her head she wears a crown of twelve stars. Not only is she experiencing the pains of one about to give birth, but is terrified by an enormous seven-headed, ten-horned, red dragon. The woman recognises that the dragon's intention is to devour her child the moment that it is born. As the dragon awaits the birth of the child, it uses its tail to sweep a third of the stars of heaven and fling them to the earth. The text does not provide any guidance concerning John's viewpoint within the vision. Therefore, for the sake of visual objectivity, I have selected a viewpoint somewhere out in space, with the woman, and therefore the sun, somewhat above the viewer, the moon on a similar level as the viewer, and with the earth beneath. Had I have opted for a view from the earth, the enormity of the dragon and the devastation being wreaked on the earth would not be so easily conveyed. I have visualised one of the heads guiding the sweep of its tail through the heavens, and another observing the effectiveness of its actions in bringing devastation on the earth. The remaining five heads remain insidiously attentive to the woman."

(David Miles is Senior Lecturer, Department of Visual Communication Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, University of Central England, U.K.)

The Woman vv1,2

The Dragon vv3,4

The Man-Child vv5,10,11

The Chapter Explained

Lessons for Us

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