Revelation Chapter 1 - The Lamb is all the Glory

Updated: 26 June 2012

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Revelation Chapter 1 - The Lamb is all the Glory

A hard, mysterious book?

Easy to think it is a hard, mysterious book. "Revelation" - NOT SO! Its purpose is to reveal and not to hide!

In Elizabeth Gaskell's book "North & South" Bessy Higgins, a poor mill girl in a 19th century English cotton town, is dying of lung disease brought on by the cotton dust in the mills; the movie doesn't show that she was a Christian, and her great comfort was this book of Revelation, which she knew almost by heart! To her it was a book of hope, not terror.

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Chapter 1 is itself an overview

  1. Revelation is about Jesus Christ and by Jesus Christ (Man-Messiah)
  2. via John - he is in prison, but Jesus is not; the King is not in prison, His Word is not in prison;
  3. it is to Church - His people, who trust in Him;
  4. when? - verse 1 "soon" verse 3 "time is near" verse 7 "coming!" verse 19, it covers the whole period from Jesus' first to second comings;
    1. not ALL PAST, nor ALL FUTURE, John's "soon" extends to the end of age;
  5. The Lord Jesus Christ revealed - Lord, Revealer, Redeemer, Husband & Judge;
  6. It is truth revealed in Signs & symbols;
    1. Sharp 2-edged sword in His mouth;
    2. 7 spirits, 7 stars, 7 churches, 7 lamps (fullness, completion);
    3. stars & lamps explained (they are symbols!);
    4. stars=messengers, probably pastors, in His hand (sent, protected, empowered); stars give a little light ("then the traveller in the dark thanks you for your tiny spark" - a rarely heard second verse to "Twinkle twinkle little star"). Note: some translations have "angels". The actual word in the original Greek is aggelos meaning "messenger". Now angels are messengers of God, but so were the apostles, and so are pastors and teachers today. I'm inclined to see it here as human messengers. In chapter 2 John is told to write letters to 7 churches, addressed to their "angels". Same word aggelos - it is hard to see how John could write (as he obviously did) to angelic spirit beings;
    5. lamps=churches - to show His glory and gospel in the world (not just pastors!).

The Lamb is All the Glory!

Lord - Jesus - Christ:





Where am I? Where are you?

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