Revelation Chapter 14, "The Lamb with His Fair Army"

Updated: 26 July 2008

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Revelation Chapter 14, "The Lamb with His Fair Army"


The middle section of Revelation is what I call "The Short History of the World - 0 B.C. to the END". This covers chapters 6 to 20. The nature of the book is history in images and symbols, so the best way to understand it is to ask "what do these symbols mean?". My own study of the book convinces me that we have a series of image sets that make up a single "collage". Each set, more or less, covers this same period, starting with Jesus appearing and ending with His return.

The 3rd image set is in chapters 12 to 14. It begins unmistakably with the birth of Jesus and introduces the arch-enemy Satan (the old dragon) and his henchmen who persecute Jesus' people.

Chapter 14 finishes this 3rd image set.

The Key Characters

As I have come to expect now, the most important symbols are usually persons, or represent persons. I don't think this is accidental. Every object in the universe has its worth & gives glory to its Maker in some way, but it is supremely seen in man, made in the God's image to think and communicate & love. Here are immortal sons & daughters of God, gods & goddesses before whom we fall on our faces if ever we met them. Or else here are immortal horrors, endlessly decaying, endlessly tormented by being shut out from all good: hunger without food, greed without pleasure, hatred without release, tears without comfort, self-hood without God, misery without hope. (1 John 3:2, Mt 25:34, Isaiah 14:3-11, Jude 13)

By comparison with man, everything else is as short-lived as a butterfly - worlds, nations, stars, galaxies - all will fade away.

Here we have

  1. The Lamb
  2. The 144,000 people
  3. The Man on the Cloud
  4. The Grapes

The "Story-line" in Brief

The Chapter Explained

The Lamb v1

An Interlude


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